GAPS Class


 You’ve heard about the GAPS™ Diet…for autism, pain, allergies, chronic illness, skin issues, hormones out-of-balance, depression & more.  


The problem is actually getting started. 


The GAPS™ Class will take you from feeling intimidated and confused about how to start GAPS…to confident about starting and solving stubborn health issues from the inside-out. 


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If you’re reading this, chances are good you’ve read the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book, aka “the yellow book,” cover-to-cover (maybe even highlighted and underlined) and are convinced that the GAPS protocol is something you want to try. 

It makes sense to you.

Good health starts in your gut.

Got it.

And nothing else has quite worked to help you or your kids with the health issues that have appeared.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I’ve read the GAPS book cover to cover, taken notes, underlined, highlighted, read and re-read…and still haven’t been able to follow through. 
  • I’ve started GAPS before and could only make it a few days before quitting. 
  • My son/daughter won’t eat anything I make for them without putting up a fight…how will I get them to eat meat stock and sauerkraut?
  • I’m afraid that all we’re going to eat is boiled meatballs on Intro.
  • I’m not sure what part of the diet to start with…Intro? Full?
  • I have family members with all different symptoms.

Perhaps you’re here because your child struggles with:

  • behavior & emotional issues
  • not being able to focus
  • eczema
  • weight (too much, too little)
  • autism
  • allergies & food sensitivities
  • digestive issues & tummy aches
  • chronic ear infections
  • picky eating

Or maybe you’re here because you struggle with:

  • acne, psoriasis, rosacea
  • autoimmune issues
  • GERD or heartburn
  • depression and/or anxiety
  • migraines and headaches
  • PMS, irregular cycles, and other hormonal challenges
  • arthritis
  • Crohn’s, UC, or IBS
  • chronic cystitis

All of this is possible with the GAPS Diet. 

Imagine how good it will feel to improve your (and kid’s) digestive health and–by extension–physical and mental well-being. 

Visualize this:

  • Eczema clearing, behaviors melting away, peace in the bathroom.
  • Fewer calls from school, developmental markers being met…eye contact.
  • Your kids eating everything you put on the table in front of them.
  • No more mama guilt about that yellow book collecting dust. Instead…mama confidence & courage.
  • One protocol resolving multiple family member’s issues.
  • Having a plan for that toddler food strike in Week 1.
  • Clarity about starting on Full or Intro, and recipes for each stage.
  • Gut healing food that tastes amazing. 

This is possible for you too. 

You’re a smart, capable, loving woman who has been looking for just a wee bit of guidance from someone who’s been trained in GAPS™ and has done the protocol with her own family. 

Sound like you? Perfect.

The GAPS™ Class is a 9-week online class designed to help you learn all the ins and outs of doing GAPS well. 

You’ll learn:

  • To make food so nourishing it seems worth the time and effort.
  • Tips & tricks to actually follow through with the diet. 
  • Common roadblocks & what to do about them.
  • About GAPS People! Community! Support!
  • Step-by-step, easy to follow formatting for GAPS.
  • Why the 3 parts of GAPS are so important & how to put them together.
  • How to make all the foundation foods (with videos!)
  • How to handle picky eating.
  • Unique situations NOT covered in course materials? Bring them to the Forum!

What all of this means to you–and your family–is that you feel better, sleep better, eat better…live better. 

Module 1

Intro to the GAPS™ Concept

For those who are new to GAPS, this module covers the basic concepts. This module also includes logistics of the course and how to organize and get the most out of this course.

Module 2

Gut & Brain Connection

Make the connection between the digestive system and the mental condition, and what GAPS symptoms look like. Also included are Family Observation tools, how to make broth and meat stock, and how to use these healing foods.

Module 3

Gut & Body Connection

In Module 2 we establish that the digestive system affects our mental condition…but what about the rest of the body? The digestive system is what gives us what we need for every part of the body to function. Spotlight on asthma, autoimmunity + chronic cystitis.  Includes family recordkeeping tools.

Module 4

The Nutritional Protocol

This is definitely a favorite module and full of great content. Along with talking about the actual protocol of GAPS, we also cover anaerobic fermentation and probiotics, with a couple of bonus workbooks & handy Probiotics Guide PDF included.

Module 5

The Full GAPS Diet

What do you need to be eating on GAPS? This Module fills you in on what you can eat on the Full GAPS diet, along with food lists for all meals of the day, eating GAPS with other people, traveling with GAPS, how to introduce dairy, as well as sample menus, great GAPS-legal recipes, and useful templates.

Module 6

Stages of the GAPS Diet

Module 6 focuses on the stages of the GAPS Introduction Diet, with lots of recipes for each stage! It also includes information on transitioning from stage to stage, transitioning to Full GAPS, and moving beyond the GAPS diet.

Module 7


Everything to do with the supplements commonly used in GAPS, with a supplement resource list included. As a special extra, included is a homeopathy workbook by Angelica Lemke, N.D. who has worked closely with many children with special needs. This workbook gets you started with this very GAPS-complementary therapy.

Module 8


Another favorite in the GAPS Class, this module talks about the importance of the detoxification component of the GAPS protocol and how it works. Topics covered include juicing, sunbathing, detox baths, enemas, resources, and more.

Module 9

Practical Matters

In this module, we turn our attention to some practical matters…from fussy eating to budgeting. We also discuss common GAPS issues and DIY remedies to help. We even talk about budgeting with a bonus workbook by the budget experts at YNAB!

What all of this means to your family is peace & sanity again. 

What People are Saying about the GAPS Class

“Tools to be successful”

This class will provide you with the tools to be successful! If you intend to work with the GAPS diet, you will be much better prepared after taking this course. The Facebook forum is worth the price of the course all by itself… Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll!

Lisa K.

“Able to finally dive into GAPS”

I was able to finally dive into gaps with my daughter, after reading the book three times, researching different websites etc. I finally felt confident enough to go for it. “

Kristal H. 

“A teacher who never stops searching”

Lots of information, really good guidance and a teacher who never stops searching for more information if needed.

Anne-Marie O.

“Awesome support community”

Very good information about gut health, leaky gut, and how to heal it with GAPS and an awesome support community! Lots of great tips, recipes, and info on supplements to go along with the GAPS book. Access to our wonderful teacher, who patiently answered endless questions.

Megan H. 

“Feel better than I have felt in decades

I have a much deeper understanding of the primacy of food – its role as both villain (when we eat modern processed food) and the hero (when we eat real, nutrient-dense, healing food) of our health. I have learned that my health, and how I feel on a day to day basis, is 100% about what I eat. I honestly – no exaggeration – feel better than I have felt in decades. I have lost 10 lbs (was not overweight before) and have so much more energy and a more clear (less fuzzy) brain

Skotti F.

“Was able to …stop taking Prilosec!”

Module 7 [Supplementation] was the most useful to me. Finally figured out why I had so much indigestion and was able to address it with supplements and stop taking Prilosec!

Cheryl W. 

“Easy to navigate”

Informative, easy to navigate, great resources and access to a wonderful Facebook community.

Alyssa A.

“Hard to choose a favorite module

It’s hard to choose a favorite module… I love the wealth of information included and how well you have organized it. Your GAPS Class is so thorough.

Julie M. 

Ready to feel calm, confident, and supported?

GAPS™ Class is a one of a kind experience.

Doing the GAPS Diet will feel natural, doable, and fun for healers in the kitchen like you. With straightforward strategies, tips and tools you’ll be well on your way to the life-changing improvements to the health of you and your family.

Get help with this challenging, but powerful, diet. Improve your digestive health and–by extension–your physical & mental well-being.

Register today.

1 payment of $197 or 3 payments of $71

The GAPS Class is based on the best-selling book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr, Natasha Campbell-McBride, as well as the GAPS™ Practitioner training received by Melanie Christner, NTP, CGP, RWP, with cooking videos provided by Jennifer Scribner, NTP, CGP, RWP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions?
Here are some FAQ’s about the GAPS Class.

Why are you qualified to teach these classes?

I am trained as:

  • Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
  • Certified GAPS™ Practitioner
  • RWS™ Practitioner

I (and my family) have gone through the digestive healing protocol called GAPS™.  It was formidable to start at the time, but delivered huge health benefits. Food, and a focus on digestion, profoundly changed our lives for the better. From this experience we want to help others, and provide a class that addresses the challenges we faced.

What is the GAPS Class?

The GAPS Class is a 9-week online course that provides both instruction in the GAPS Nutritional Program, and guidance for the practical application of this healing protocol in your everyday life.

What happens when I pay & enroll?

You will make your secure payment via the Honest Body website. A welcome email will direct you to your Dashboard and access to the course content.

I haven't started GAPS yet, is that okay?

Absolutely. Our aim with this course is for you to be as well prepared and supported as possible, to do GAPS when you decide. We do encourage you to pick a date, as the course materials can be more useful if there is a goal in mind.

How much time do I need to commit every week?

I would suggest that you need a couple of hours to review the content, complete the worksheets, and participate in the forum. There is also the option to download audio versions. However, you don’t have to “keep up” so you could do less than that each week and just take a little longer.

What happens if I fall behind?

You can’t “miss out” or “fall behind” because you get lifetime access to this course and the forum. Every 4 – 6 months there will be a new intake meaning you can go through the course again as often as you like. As new content is added or features improved, you will also have access.

Will I get personalized advice from you?

Yes, within the boundaries of the course materials. I am actively involved in the forum most weekdays, throughout the year, excluding holiday weeks and the occasional break week. Those times are subject to change, but all questions are generally answered within 24 hours.

Please note that I am not a replacement for your personal health care provider, and I only give ideas and support from a broader sense within the boundaries of the course materials. I encourage participants to share their experiences based on each other’s questions anytime, as this builds a strong supportive community!

How much does the course cost?

The course costs $197. A 3-payment installment plan of $71 for three months is also available.

What happens if I'm not satisfied?

Firstly, we will do everything we can to ensure that this doesn’t happen! We want you to be blown away by the value in this e-course!

If you work through the first couple of modules and participate and still do not feel that you have gained value from this course then we will refund your money in full.

Refunds within 1 week of purchase.

Legal disclaimer

This GAPS Class membership (and the materials contained) is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice and treatment from your personal physician. Participants are advised to consult their own doctors or other qualified health professionals regarding treatment of medical conditions. The authors of these course materials shall not be held liable or responsible for any misunderstanding or misuse of the information contained in this course material or on the Facebook group or for any loss, damage, or injury caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by any treatment, action, or application of any food, supplement or food source discussed in this course material. The statements and information in this course have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. To request permission for reproduction or inquire about private consulting, please contact Melanie by clicking here.

Register today.

1 payment of $197 or 3 payments of $71

The GAPS Class is based on the best-selling book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr, Natasha Campbell-McBride, as well as the GAPS™ Practitioner training received by Melanie Christner, NTP, CGP, RWP, with cooking videos provided by Jennifer Scribner, NTP, CGP, RWP.