How To Avoid the Top 5 GAPS™ Diet Mistakes

 ...and what to do instead.

In times like these, you have good work to do in the world…

…raising compassionate & bold kids.

…having the energy to rally, move, & exercise.

…having a brain-fog FREE mind, to string good thoughts together.

…having vigor & robust health.


Do something that requires determination.

Do something that alleviates your fatigue, depression, pain, chronic illness, allergies, & more.

Do something that resets EVERYTHING.

Do something that draws a line in the sand.

Stop letting modern culture (that’s making you & your kids sick) just happen to you.

Take your (& their) health back.

Come join us. 

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Who is Melanie?

As a mother and GAPS™ Practitioner, I get deep fulfillment from helping mothers bring their kids to robust sleep-through-the-night, not-in-pain health.

Have you been looking for an experienced GAPS™ Practitioner to resolve your (or your child’s) stubborn health issues?

Work with an experienced GAPS Practitioner to develop your bio-individual plan. Visit my Work With Me page to find out more.

My tools for this work are empathy, practitioner knowledge, and mother love.

For fun you can either find me creating in my kitchen, Nordic skiing, or swimming in the Green Mountain ponds & rivers with my family. Connect with me on:     Facebook         Twitter         Pinterest

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